The Ethereal Nodez project blends a complex combination of math interactions among paired token prices, and a customized arbitrage bot.  

Ethereal Nodez Explained

Represented by a static case between two tokens, each pairing has a defined budget set on the arbitrage bot. Ethereal's system will adapt the weight between pairs and the impact of the arbitrage to optimize it.  

Imagine an arbitrage bot running on millions of dollars, with 100 pairs of the main Ethereum (ETH)-based tokens. Any movement from one token to another is an opportunity for the arbitrage bot to accumulate arbitrage dust gains and top up the overall daily gains on a HF trading rhythm.  

In parallel, to mitigate the risks, Ethereal continues to build the reserve fund from gains to cover any unexpected drawback on the principle.

Because our Nodez are pumping out rewards "ad eternum," all contributors will see gains, as the Nodez budget directly feeds the whole system.  This ecosystem is unique and exciting, and brings opportunities like no other.

A Message from Our Founder

Ethereal Nodez has always been a passion project born of a personal vendetta I had against corporate obsession with trading time for money.  Building a working, passive income-generating rotator (or a vortex) was the objective, but liberating myself and others from the prison of a nine-to-five job was, and remains, the mission of Ethereal Nodez Inc.

I experienced some preliminary success getting into the crypto space a couple of times over the past decade, but I did extremely well in my third attempt. In the short span of just eight months, I managed to turn $20k into $4.4 Million. I had been working in the automotive industry for years, and decided to retire after these massive earnings, but I found myself glued to a computer screen even more often than I had been at my former corporate job. I rarely left my home, and I became more detached from my friends and family, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place; so I got to work.  

I researched many passive income systems to find one with which I would feel comfortable investing all my savings and crypto earnings so I could still make a comfortable living without being tied to a desk. StrongBlock proved to be the best fit, as it was the most profitable and seemed to be relatively stable. I dove in head-first. StrongBlock ran well for about four years, until it began to crash in early 2022.  In just a few short months, the StrongBlock token saw a 50% reduction in value, falling from $600 to $300. I poured over what could have gone wrong, and ultimately concluded the StrongBlock project was, based on my own calculations, a classic example of Ponzi tokenomics.  

I frantically tried to reach out to the company’s CEO, David Moss, to present a fix to his system that would at least generate a modicum of income as Nodes as a Service, since simply using the Nodes did not generate a profit. At the time, StrongBlock was relying solely on new investors to pay rewards. There did not seem to be any real income generation, whatsoever.  Moss finally responded with a simple, “not interested,” so I vowed to create a new token and formulate a passive income system that actually works!

With enough money, anyone can find ways to create a small amount of passive income. I wanted to do more than that – I wanted people to be able to significantly increase the rate at which they were generating income. This is where Ethereal Nodez slowly started to take shape. My first goal was to prove my system could beat a rewards payout. I knew I needed to split the efforts, with 50% going into bots, and 50% in mining. I started with the bots and hoped to surpass a daily average of around two or three percent.  I surpassed 4.6% for over a month. This was all the proof I needed; I knew I could invest 100% of my funds into these bots and generate income while moving a portion to liquidity, and the token would always increase in value.

This is where Ethereal began to flourish. I thought, “If I can generate that income with over-the-counter bots, what would happen if I designed my own bot – a bot that could really increase profits, would be stable and automated, and wouldn’t be market-driven or risky?” I needed this system to tackle four goals:  eliminate risk, be completely automated, be fully sustainable, and finally (though it sounded ridiculous at the time), BEAT SELL PRESSURE!
Fast forward to present day
Ethereal has accomplished all these things, and more. While nothing is ever completely risk free, I firmly believe this team has developed the most resilient system ever created in any market. From the Stock Market, to Mining, to Crypto, to Helium Miners, and anything else that can generate passive income, Ethereal beats them all. As the company’s Founder & CEO, with data I have rigorously tested, and math I know computes, Ethereal Nodez is quite possibly the most exciting and innovative crypto project of all time.
It's time to GET REAL!