Revolutionary tech that is fully sustainable, eliminating sell pressure of any kind!

Ethereal Nodez has developed a unique system by which holders can purchase “Nodez” that reward them with the native REAL token. The REAL token's link to the arbitrage bot creates balance in the ecosystem. Ethereal creates the largest liquidity pool between the Blockchain token and the REAL token, creating Passive Income for Life for miners and holders.  

“Profit” is not a dirty word.

At Ethereal Nodez, we continue to improve our model daily to increase profitability. Plans include the development of the company’s own Blockchain and Exchange.

Our intent is that Ethereal will continue to be free to use and will still include all successful features on current Exchanges, while incorporating new functionality. The goal is to drive users to switch to Ethereal, increasing the value of the new Blockchain token and bringing mining gains back to the forefront.

We expect the Blockchain token will be the most profitable token to mine, surpassing even Ethereum (ETH) at its peak!

Because it’s based on the Ethereum Blockchain, Ethereal’s REAL token offers a high level of security, and is a safe and reliable investment for those interested in the cryptocurrency market.

With our unique combination of a front-running bot, the opportunity to earn rewards through the purchase of Nodez, and long-term growth plans with advanced developments in the pipeline, Ethereal is sure revolutionize the cryptocurrency market.