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We look forward to helping you generate passive income and help you make money work for you while you chill.

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About Us


We are a premier service of trade, changing the global economy via a DaaS/NaaS hybrid system. While recent events in the space have caused doubt amongst traders, we have used the shortcomings of our predecessors to our advantage. Where our competitors have failed, we will succeed. This promise is based on a simple formula we call MATH. Proving our math is better, we have what we like to call a closed loop. Outside market influence does not affect our token value or market cap.

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Before launch, we have a higher market cap than the LEADING NaaS service; the team that added an "er" to their tokens name that crashed and burned might have left you with residual burns. This cannot happen with our token. We took drastic steps to ensure sustainability. This being our top priority, including removing the company being paid entirely. NO EMPLOYEE shall receive additional money other than the NODEZ they create. This specific element of our process caused our team to work at an electric pace.

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WE ARE NOT SET TO RISE AND FALL LIKE ALL OTHER SERVICES TRIED IN THE PAST. Why? The better question is how. How do we pay rewards that produce or increase the same or higher yields? Some of this explanation will be simple, other parts are more elegant and took creativity. We started with a math problem. How do we beat rewards without new traders, and we worked backwards. We stumbled across some loopholes that launched our token past the reward payout we needed to beat by an amount we could not even imagine. The profit margin borderlines unbelievable.

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Peak MarketCap

Our pie breakdown, which is displayed in our White Paper, will be dissected by experts. Our doubters will wait until we have a lull in traders, that is when 2REAL will give you the largest increase in pricing. The market cap will increase the most when the largest group of doubters are waiting for us to fail. We believe this is what will drive our token to reach some of the elite market caps in all Crypto. This is not meant to be the sexy meme token that goes to the moon in the first week. We are a blue collar passive income for life machine automated and protected.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a passive income to replace your job. We want to free the segment of our society that doesn’t want to trade time for money. Get your life back. Retire before you ever start a career. Spend your life enjoying the things you want.


How T0 Buy 2REAL


Using our DEX, easily exchange for the amount of 2REAL tokens you wish for the size node you prefer


Click on our E-Dapp to exchange the 2REAL tokens for the size node you prefer; the larger the size the greater the rewards


Withdraw the 2REAL tokens at the time you prefer to cash in for passive income as needed.


Decide whether to compound them or cash them out for income

Our Vision

Our Vision is BOLD! We will share our long term vision in due time. The vision for the near future is to provide everyone with a solution to making all the income they desire without the shackles of labor. You have an opportunity to make as much money as you desire without sacrificing you time and energy. Devote your time to whatever makes you happy.



Meet The Staff

Patrick L. Williams

CEO & Founder/ Board - 51%

The visionary of this project and others moving forward; the coin and its successful protocol came from his brain. Along with future products rolling out in working order without flaws, his creativity, drive, and his mathematical abilities come from his elite vision of how to free you from financial slavery.

F.C. Schmits

Co Founder & Partner/ Board

Carl is a venture capitalist generally out of the spot light. His successes in the field of business include, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. He prefers to keep the details of these private as they’ve been operated by some of the most successful people in the world with Carl pulling the strings.

Iyibo.T. Joseph

Lead Programmer

Joseph is the elite developer responsible for programming all aspects of this project. He is a Blockchain guru, with vast knowledge of web development as well as programming. His style and ability is first class and the key to making the vision of the Ethereal project a success.

Courtney Padilla

Brand Manager/Board

Courtney has expertise in social media and branding. Going viral on tick tock not once but twice; We had to have her on the team no matter the cost. Her branding is key to the success of the Ethereal Project and all of its projects in the future.

David Kullman

COO/ Board

David has a background in many areas including programming. While it’s true Ethereal outsources some of their work, David is critical to the day to day success of making this project run smoothly. Analytics is David’s Specialty with a business degree in programs and analytics. While supporting this with a background in computer science.

Kevin Lee

CFO / Board

The brains behind the Treasury with input into the Liquidity replenishment idea that drove this project into the formula it has today. Kevin is irreplaceable with that feature added alone. This gives the project 25% freed up capital to use to outpace rewards which is what helps to make it sustainable.

The Community

Join our community of active members from all over the world to keep up with updates about the project and know more about exclusive deals and offers.

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